Lifelines Neuro Expanding in Louisville

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New facility enhances product development and fulfillment

Louisville, KY, Feb 15, 2022 – Lifelines Neuro, a global medical device company,  is expanding its Louisville footprint, leasing a 7400 sq. foot building located at 909 E. Market to house its production and operations team.  Lifelines Neuro’s parent company, SIDIS Global, owns and operates the Center by SIDIS at 900 E. Main, which is adjacent to the new location and houses office space for Lifelines Neuro and sister company Adaptive Endo.  

The team of technical professionals who assemble, quality test, and ship Lifelines Neuro EEG products in the St. Louis metro area have relocated to Louisville.  This move brings the production, operations, and R&D engineering teams together for enhanced collaboration to provide customer insights to drive product development and innovation. 

The new production facility is custom-designed for medical device assembly and is located directly behind the Center by SIDIS. “While this is expanding our footprint in Louisville, it is, more importantly, bringing together the technical teams who can now physically collaborate on inspired designs and user experience for people using our products,” says Devin Ferrey, Interim CEO of Lifelines Neuro. “It also functions as a proper warehouse, enabling efficient production and shipping of our products across the globe.” 

Previously the production and customer experience teams supported both medical device assembly and customer support, education, and new customer onboarding. “Now the Customer Experience Team can focus solely on supporting customers with a team of specialists in the St. Louis office and throughout the country working remotely,” says Michelle Langenhorst, VP of Customer Experience. “The production and operations team will work on sourcing and assembling  product components to meet the high demand for our EEG products.” 

Lifelines Neuro is a global pioneer and leader in electroencephalography (EEG) which is used to diagnose epilepsy and other seizure disorders.  Lifelines Neuro is liberating EEG by making it accessible, mobile, and efficient to benefit patients around the world. Rendr Platform cloud EEG software connects patients to physicians 24/7/365, all the time, in real-time, to increase access to care.  The company has offices in Louisville, KY,  St. Louis, MO, New York, NY, London, UK, and Dublin, IRL.