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Liberating neurodiagnostics with accessible, reliable, and intuitive EEG systems

We create mobile, portable video EEG monitoring devices to diagnose epilepsy and other neurological disorders

Lifelines Neuro produces medical technology and delivers expertise to democratize neurodiagnostics. We believe providing more access to EEG can benefit humankind. Our expertise puts mobile EEG wherever it is needed most — in-home, take-home, in the clinic or throughout hospital networks.

Lifelines Neuro is liberating both Routine, LTM, and ambulatory EEG by making it mobile and accessible. Our renowned Trackit brainwave monitoring systems and amplifiers are advanced, robust, and intuitive to benefit both you and your patients. Our Rendr Platform EEG software is a powerful cloud-computing solution for acquisition and review, created with users top of mind – connecting physicians to patients 24/7/365, on any device, all the time, with streaming data via an internet browser. Our unique subscription offering bundles Lifelines Neuro systems with Rendr Platform software for one all-inclusive fixed monthly fee, ideal for scaling growth and allowing care for more patients with minimal up-front capital investment.

Your partners in expanding patient care

Are you prepared for the journey ahead? We don’t just sell exceptional EEG devices, we ensure you have the business tools to be successful. From staffing models, to education on CPT code reimbursement guidelines and tools and workflows for management expertise, let us be your guide. Our team of experts works with you as you grow your business and scale new heights to take the very best care of patients.

Expert world-class technical support

With 24/7/365 US-based customer support, our industry-leading EEG knowledgeable staff is beside you every step of the way. Lifelines Neuro’s Customer Experience Team helps navigate you through onboarding and continuing education on our products and services.

Hospitals and Health Systems

Lifelines Neuro is helping healthcare systems democratize patient access for LTM, routine, and ambulatory EEG for safe, secure and reliable mobile EEG anywhere – EMU, ICU, ED and outpatient settings. Our secure EEG systems are convenient and HIPAA-ready. We deliver superior patient outcomes and expand reach, enabling streaming physician review from any location, anytime. Best of all, there are no budget constraints because our turnkey solution requires minimal investment outlay.

In-Home Ambulatory EEG Providers

We partner with EEG entrepreneurs to help your business achieve new heights. Whether you have an established business, or are a technologist launching a new service, you can trust Lifelines Neuro to guide you not only with our exceptional systems, but also with best practices, workflows and information on optimal CPT coding. Leading service providers trust Trackit systems for in-home EEG with lab-quality recordings.

Neurology Practices

We help neurology practices achieve peak performance, resulting in premier patient care and positive profits. From in-office routine EEG to ambulatory options for in-home studies, we help physicians expand their reach to care for more patients. Our Rendr Platform software enables URL-based study review from any device, anywhere, anytime, connecting physicians to patients 24/7/365.

Clinical Trial Sponsors & CROs

Lifelines Neuro offers turnkey services for clinical trials with EEG protocol, allowing for seamless execution and a faster drug to market pipeline. Our cloud solution EEG software streams data, for live monitoring to ensure successful studies. As a result, we can provide accurate, efficient, timely data for your clinical trials – ultimately saving you time and money.

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