reducing your digital footprint

Protecting Your Privacy By Reducing Your Digital Footprint

Your privacy is important. Increase your chances of keeping it by following the steps outlined in this article. Rafael Garrido ends Cybersecurity Awareness month with this helpful guide.

How Do I Find Out If I Have Been Hacked?

Are your accounts compromised, you just don't know it yet? Be prepared to know what to do before you get hacked, in the unfortunate event that it happens to you. Read Rafael Garrido's 3rd entry in 2021's Cybersecurity Awareness month.
protect your home wifi

Protecting Your Home Wi-Fi from Hackers

Here's how to protect your home wi-fi, by Chief Information Security Officer Rafael Garrido.
protect your organization from ransomware


Lifelines Neuro's CISO Rafael Garrido shares some advice for the first week of Cybersecurity Awareness month.
4 ways a phone number exposes your private data

4 Ways a Phone Number Exposes Your Private Data

If your phone number is publicly accessible, beware of the risks that can come with bad actors possibly using that information. See how to protect yourself in this article by our CIO, Rafael Garrido.