eeg recording failures

Avoiding EEG Recording Failures During a Clinical Trial

4 Tips for Avoiding EEG Recording Failures   A failed EEG recording is a worst-case scenario for any EEG technologist not only during a clinical trial - but at any time. Losing data can be frustrating for all parties involved. So what's…

Which EEG Electrode Adhesive is Best?

By Madison Gonet, R. EEG T. An EEG Technologist’s Tools of the Trade - EEG Electrode Adhesive Technologists need the right equipment to do their job properly. One thing you’ll rarely see missing from their toolkit is EEG electrode adhesive…
EEG head wrap

How to Perform the Perfect EEG Head Wrap

By Sandy Penney R. EEG T./RPSG., Madison Gonet R. EEG T., Chris Simpson R. EEG T. The EEG head wrap is a crucial step in the electroencephalogram process. Traditionally a head wrap is called for when the patient will have a long-term study,…

How to Get EEG Glue out of Hair

Remove EEG Glue from your hair in about 20 minutes Whether you're a patient who is in a sticky situation or an EEG technologist who is hoping to send information to your patients so they can be a little less gooey, these tips will help sticky…

EEG on TV Shows: How Real Is It?

7 Examples Where you can see EEG on TV   Medical technology in television is not always known for being accurate. EEG on TV definitely falls into this category. An example of inaccurate medical technology on TV is the famously overused…
EEG prep supplies

The “Nuts & Bolts” of How to Do an EEG

What to do before you begin recording and monitoring With a myriad of EEG products and application methods to choose from, how do you make the best possible choices for you and your patient? In this month’s Tech Tip, you’ll see the necessary…
ambulatory eeg monitoring

Setting up a Patient for Ambulatory EEG Monitoring at Home

Preparing a patient for a successful ambulatory EEG monitoring experience in their home can be an easy process if you are prepared. As brain monitoring technology has improved, EEG machines are no longer excessively heavy and complicated devices.…
eeg for child with autism
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Caring for Autistic Children during an EEG

Improving EEG for a Child with Autism   How do you perform an EEG on a patient that is sensitive to touch, possibly uncomfortable with unfamiliar places, and prone to overstimulation? Few can fully grasp what it's really like to have…
eeg artifacts check

How to Reduce EEG Artifacts during a Home Study

Decrease the amount of EEG artifacts while recording in any home EEG artifacts can be a part of any EEG study. The beauty of a study done in the home is that you can capture a patient in their natural environment. They will experience stimuli…