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EEG Technologists React: EEG in Movies

Are you looking for examples of EEG in movies? We have a list of examples here - and we look at how they were portrayed in the movies.
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Can an EEG Show Brain Damage?

Can an EEG show brain damage, brain tumors, or brain death? Learn more about these commonly asked questions in just a few minutes.

EEG Machines: What Is Their History and How Do They Work?

An EEG machine is a crucial piece of medical equipment used extensively. Read about the history of the EEG machine, how it works, and more today.
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First Steps in your EEG Technologist Career

Ever considered a career in EEG technology? See the first steps you need to take if you're considering the field of neurodiagnostics.
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The Salary of an EEG Neurodiagnostic Technologist

Ever considered a career in EEG technology? Learn more about what influences the average salary in this article.

Avoiding EEG Recording Failures During a Clinical Trial

Nobody likes to fail, but failing during an EEG clinical trial can be very inconvenient. We have some tips to share.

Which EEG Electrode Adhesive is Best?

Which electrode adhesive is best? We compare 5 commonly used adhesives and look at their pros and cons. Comparison table included!
EEG head wrap

How to Perform the Perfect EEG Head Wrap

Need to know how to do an EEG head wrap? We have a guide (with pictures) that demonstrate each step. Brush up on your skills by reading this article now.

How to Get EEG Glue out of Hair

After a patient gets finished with an EEG, the first thing they want to do is to get cleaned up. Follow these steps to feel refreshed ASAP. Suitable for patients or for EEG technologists.

EEG on TV Shows: How Real Is It?

You don't get a chance to see an EEG on TV very often, but when you do - is it accurate? Have you seen these shows before?