Ambulatory EEG Dos and Don’ts

Ambulatory EEG Dos and Don'ts What You Can and Cannot Do During an Ambulatory EEG (AEEG) So you or someone you know is getting an ambulatory EEG. It's a fairly simple process that EEG technologists will try to make as comfortable…

How to Get EEG Glue out of Hair

Remove EEG Glue from your hair in about 20 minutes Whether you're a patient who is in a sticky situation or an EEG technologist who is hoping to send information to your patients so they can be a little less gooey, these tips will help sticky…
eeg for child with autism
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Caring for Autistic Children during an EEG

Improving EEG for a Child with Autism   How do you perform an EEG on a patient that is sensitive to touch, possibly uncomfortable with unfamiliar places, and prone to overstimulation? Few can fully grasp what it's really like to have…
boy asleep during aeeg

How to Sleep with Ambulatory EEG

Some Tips and Tricks from EEG Technologists and Patients Who have Participated in Long-term Studies Ambulatory EEG studies can be very beneficial in helping diagnose epilepsy. With modern EEG technology, these studies are less invasive than…