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Lifelines Neuro has a mission to create Neurodiagnostics Without Boundaries. We are part of SIDIS, a global, privately held purpose-driven company that is dedicated to advancing human health.

We believe every person around the world who needs an EEG should be able to get one, with an expert physician diagnosis. That’s why Lifelines Neuro has been a pioneer in taking neurodiagnostics beyond the traditional boundaries of the hospital. With a 20+ year legacy, Lifelines Neuro was the first to miniaturize a digital EEG machine with the 32 channel Trackit, bringing it into patients’ homes with lab-quality study results. Today we continue to push the boundary, creating mobile, portable solutions for EEG service providers, hospitalsneurologists and clinical trial CROs and sponsors to care for people in more places.

Headquartered in Louisville, KY, with offices in London, UK, and Dublin, Ireland, Lifelines Neuro is a growing EEG company specializing in neurodiagnostic systems and EEG software to reach more patients and improve patient care. With offices and partners in cities around the globe Lifelines Neuro is committed to serving our customers with cutting-edge enduring technologies and world-class customer service, training, and support.

EEG company products

Visionary tools

We’re an EEG company with experience, but we also keep pushing the limits of industry standards to enhance patient care. A dedicated research & development pipeline is continually enhancing our product line with customer feedback, ensuring you are prepared to care for patients with the latest innovative technology.

We design durable EEG devices and accessories for a variety of needs. No two care providers are the same. We can recommend the right tools for your business.

Accelerating & prioritizing brain diagnostics

While the brain defines who we are as humans and is central to our wellbeing, it is often overlooked until something goes wrong. A seizure is often the first indication an EEG may be necessary to diagnose an underlying condition. We envision accelerating the use of neurodiagnostics, by using machine learning and artificial intelligence to give researchers the tools to explore underlying conditions in behavioral and cognitive health. Doing so will have a tremendous impact on brain health, offering tools to detect and treat Alzheimer’s, depression, PTSD and more.

Partnership & support

We cultivate partners, not customers, to build trust and prepare for the journey ahead – we don’t succeed unless you succeed. Our expert business development team, many of whom are registered EEG technologists, are not selling products, they are providing unique solutions to problems frequently encountered. From guidance on monitoring studies, tweaking staffing models, tools, and workflows for management expertise, to guidance on EEG CPT code reimbursement strategies, our EEG company team has you covered.

With a goal of being #1 in customer engagement in the neurodiagnostic industry, our friendly team of EEG-knowledgeable Lifelines Neuro clinical and technical Customer Experience staff are available to support your needs, from education and training to troubleshooting.

Lifelines Neuro Client Charter

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We support our clients to make a difference to their patients 24/7

EEG company solutions

We create EEG solutions for mutual business growth by listening  to our partners

Quality EEG company

An EEG company committed to delivering exceptional solutions of the highest quality

EEG company with integrity

We operate transparently and with integrity at all times

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Our passion is to elevate the neurodiagnostic community

To help humanity thrive by democratizing access to neurodiagnostic solutions

Lifelines Neuro will be the world’s leading and most respected neurodiagnostic company, by delivering exceptional solutions and unparalleled commitment to quality and service for patients and providers worldwide.

Courageous In our vision to take on challenges, we design superior solutions that break boundaries and change lives.

Curious Always taking initiative, challenging the status quo with creative solutions, and advancing neuroscience innovation.

Trustworthy Our commitment to integrity and authenticity is embedded within the character and DNA of our people, products, and processes.

Passionate In our quest to elevate neurodiagnostics, we deliver exceptional products and excellent service to providers caring for their patients.

Collaborative Always working as a team and elevating one another.

Accountable To ourselves, our team members, our shareholders, and our customers, by operating efficiently, effectively, and transparently.

Meet The Team

Lifelines Neuro CEO Devin Ferrey
Chief Financial Officer Scott Burle
VP Clinical Trials Tina Jukich
Chief Information Officer Byron Guernsey
Chief Information Officer Byron Guernsey
Senior Principal Engineer Geoff Salter
Senior Principal Engineer Geoff Salter
Director of Quality & Regulatory Affairs Tyler Martin
Director of Quality & Regulatory Affairs Tyler Martin
Director of Quality & Regulatory Affairs Tyler Martin
Director of Quality & Regulatory Affairs Tyler Martin

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