EEG Technologists React: EEG in Movies

EEG examples in movies

Electroencephalogram (EEG) machines can be spotted in a range of film genres. From comedies to horror, the neurodiagnostic device often acts as a foil to supernatural or unexplainable events occurring to characters. If there would normally be a rational, scientific explanation to a character’s problem, then out comes the EEG to demonstrate just how truly abnormal a character’s situation is. 

It’s often the way a movie tells you, “this character has a special problem” without looking directly into the camera and saying it to the audience.

If you’re a technologist looking for examples of EEG in movies for fun/educational purposes, can’t wait to pick apart every little wrong thing, or just someone looking to learn something new – our own registered EEG technologist Marcia Ferguson reacts to portrayals of EEG in movies and their accuracy. 

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Examples Where you can see EEG in Movies