EEG prep supplies

The “Nuts & Bolts” of How to Do an EEG

A helpful reminder guide for experienced techs or an excellent resource for beginners, this article explores the process of an EEG for technologists.
4 ways a phone number exposes your private data

4 Ways a Phone Number Exposes Your Private Data

If your phone number is publicly accessible, beware of the risks that can come with bad actors possibly using that information. See how to protect yourself in this article by our CIO, Rafael Garrido.
ambulatory eeg monitoring

Ambulatory EEG Monitoring at Home

Not all EEG technologists have experience working inside a patient's home. This guide was created by experienced techs who hope to pass on a trick or two regarding ambulatory EEG monitoring.
eeg for child with autism
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EEG for a Child with Autism Spectrum Disorder

EEGs can be stressful for some patients with autism. We hope to inform technologists so they can give the best patient care available to any patient.
neurovation solutions

Neurovation Solutions Delivers EEG to the Doorstep in the Middle East

A joint venture seeks to bring EEG as a service to more patients in the Middle East.
eeg artifacts check

How to Reduce EEG Artifacts during a Home Study

A home is not built like an EMU. There can be a lot of electrical interference. Reduce the appearance of EEG artifacts by taking these crucial steps.
boy asleep during aeeg

How to Sleep with Ambulatory EEG

Need to learn how to sleep during an EEG? Even if you're not sleep-deprived, these tips could help you get some well-earned rest during an EEG study, regardless of the equipment you're wearing.
buy eeg devices

Using Bonus Depreciation to Buy EEG Devices

Customers looking to upgrade old equipment or purchase EEG amplifiers, systems, or equipment should do so before December 31st, 2021.  See why bonus depreciation could help you.