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Protecting Your Home Wi-Fi from Hackers

By Rafael Garrido, Chief Information Security Officer For Cybersecurity Awareness month, read his previous article on how to protect your organization from ransomware here. Don’t let hackers in your home In a Covid world, many of us find ourselves working from home and relying on our internet service more than ever. What if I told […]


By Rafael Garrido, Chief Information Security Officer October is Cybersecurity Awareness month and our Chief Information Security Officer has some tips to keep your data safe and protected. Lifelines Neuro works diligently to protect the data of the thousands of patients who use our EEG systems and solutions every day to diagnose epilepsy and other […]

Which EEG Electrode Adhesive is Best?

By Madison Gonet, R. EEG T. An EEG Technologist’s Tools of the Trade – EEG Electrode Adhesive Technologists need the right equipment to do their job properly. One thing you’ll rarely see missing from their toolkit is EEG electrode adhesive conductive paste.  It is as useful as it is sticky. (So sticky we wrote an […]

Vigilant Monitoring in an EEG Clinical Trial

A Successful EEG Clinical Trial Requires Teamwork and Vigilance At Lifelines Neuro, we provide 24/7 vigilance monitoring for all recordings for EEG clinical trials. Vigilance monitoring means registered EEG technologists are watching the EEG recordings for the entire duration. This practice is important for a myriad of reasons. Let’s explore some scenarios where vigilant remote […]

How to Perform the Perfect EEG Head Wrap

By Sandy Penney R. EEG T./RPSG., Madison Gonet R. EEG T., Chris Simpson R. EEG T. The EEG head wrap is a crucial step in the electroencephalogram process. Traditionally a head wrap is called for when the patient will have a long-term study, ambulatory EEG study, or any time the technologist would like to ensure […]


How to Get EEG Glue out of Hair

Remove EEG Glue from your hair in about 20 minutes Whether you’re a patient who is in a sticky situation or an EEG technologist who is hoping to send information to your patients so they can be a little less gooey, these tips will help sticky scalps return to normal. If you have EEG glue […]