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How Do I Find Out If I Have Been Hacked?

By Rafael Garrido, Chief Information Security Officer Have I Been Hacked? Sometimes, no matter how secure you are while online, you are still subject to constant threats. Thus, sooner or later you may make a mistake and fall victim to a hack. Why? It’s simple — social media accounts, email addresses, and devices are viewed […]

Ambulatory EEG Dos and Don’ts

Ambulatory EEG Dos and Don’ts What You Can and Cannot Do During an Ambulatory EEG (AEEG) So you or someone you know is getting an ambulatory EEG. It’s a fairly simple process that EEG technologists will try to make as comfortable as possible. Back when the technology was bigger and heavier, electroencephalograms couldn’t allow the freedom […]


EEG on TV Shows: How Real Is It?

7 Examples Where you can see EEG on TV   Medical technology in television is not always known for being accurate. EEG on TV definitely falls into this category. An example of inaccurate medical technology on TV is the famously overused defibrillator paddles bringing someone back after flatlining. This is not only inaccurate, but actually […]

4 Ways a Phone Number Exposes Your Private Data

By Rafael Garrido, Chief Information Security Officer, Lifelines Neuro We can all agree that a phone number is an easy “thing” for anyone to find, but did you know that it can be used to unlock data about you? In fact, it is incredibly easy and profitable, that’s why hackers and scammers do it. Let’s […]

How to Sleep with Ambulatory EEG

Some Tips and Tricks from EEG Technologists and Patients Who have Participated in Long-term Studies Ambulatory EEG studies can be very beneficial in helping diagnose epilepsy. With modern EEG technology, these studies are less invasive than ever. This doesn’t mean these recordings are without inconveniences for the patient, however a few tips can help ensure […]